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Sithole hails Jake's influenceSharks centre S'bura Sithole admits that the backing of director of rugby Jake White and his coaching staff has gone a long way.
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Health & Lifestyle
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Rediscover the lost art of kissingRemember your first kiss? There was a risky, risqué and special something about it. Too many people forget the charm of good old...
Baby born as truck kills motherThis miracle baby was delivered as a result of a truck crash - and he survived!
Did Reeva look like Oscar's mother?Photos suggest that Reeva Steenkamp looked very similar to the mother of the man who shot her, Oscar Pistorius.
Why the world is getting fatter and fatterDo you hate your fat and flab? Well, what if you weren't to blame? Find out who the real culprits are.
Are you too tight for sex?Many women fear that they could be too tight for sex because of a painful past experience.
You can't fool your partner in the bedroomA study found that women and men are equally able to determine their partners' levels of sexual satisfaction.
Why we’re wired to favour beautiful peopleThere's a compelling physiological explanation for the “beauty stereotype” and a recent article delves into why human beings...
Guys, why look your age?You want to look young, but you don't want to go to extremes. Here's what to do.
What does orgasm mean to you?Sexual satisfaction is not only a physical thing, it also has various meaningful aspects and could even improve your health.
How to spot a liarEveryone has at some point been tempted to lie, yet nobody wants to be deceived themselves. Here’s how to tell when someone is ...
Are you too polite for your own good?You shake hands, you clean your plate and have a final drink to make others happy. But could this be making you ill?
Pick your sport and get your dream bodyEvery woman dreams of a body shape they prefer to have and with the following sports it is possible.
Why it's good to go low-carbStop wondering what the fuss about a low-carb diet is. Dr Peter Brukner tried it and tells us why it's good for you.
What is the police psychologist looking for in Oscar's testimony?A police psychologist is monitoring Pistorius' testimony. Here's why.
Pistorius dabbled in daggaParalympian Oscar Pistorius smoked dagga when his mother died but stopped, he told the High Court in Pretoria on Monday.
Victim of sexual abuse makes a movie that will change the worldIn his first feature length documentary, Rewind To Fast-Forward, Sasha Joseph Neulinger shares his experience of overcoming child...
Nightmares can predict diseasesRecent studies have shown that what you dream about can give insights into health problems you could face in the future.
Are those skinnies irritating your vagina?Skinny jeans are trendy and sexy but, according to the experts, they may be bad for your vagina when it has the flu.
South Africans not faithful and not using condomsA Human Sciences Research Council survey has revealed that South Africans are not using protection when engaging in sexual activi...
The case for having a beer at workDoes stressful mornings at work tempt you to have a drink at lunch time?
Sport Blog
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Simon Magakwe and how Usain Bolt got into running the 100.In 1968, Willie Heinz became the first man to officially break the famed 10 second barrier in the 100m sprint. It was a landmark moment in athletics, but up until this past Saturday, a South African athlete had never managed to achieve the feat. Step up Simon Magakwe. 9.98 seconds! This makes him one of [...]
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