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Health & Lifestyle
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Booze gets men smilingAlcohol, the ubiquitous liquid social lubricant, seems to foster 'contagious' grinning among guys.
Sexually, men prefer women in their mid-20sResearch indicates that men younger than 20 are typically attracted to older women, while men older than 30 begin to prefer young...
Unlock tension with Body Stress ReleaseAfter blank stares from two GPs, Health24's Editor, Laura van Niekerk, turned to a Body Stress Release practitioner to see if the...
Sport Blog
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Can a straight man seriously drive a Mini?A real question for the ages this, and something I intend to tackle with my #CarOfTheWeek from DNA Cars. Many cars have masculine/feminine connotations, with the Mini falling firmly into these. Can a man honestly drive one of these cars? Let’s investigate this. The Drive If I was told that from this day onwards, the [...]
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