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  • 5 MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts
    5 MacBook Keyboard Shortcuts

    We all know the basic MacBook keyboard shortcuts (hopefully), like Alt + Command + C (copy) or Alt + Command + V (paste), but check out these 5 Macbook keyboard shortcuts you may not have known existed: 1. Delete Many first time Mac users don’t know this one, especially because it differs so much from ...

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  • First Look at Ant-Man
    First Look at Ant-Man

    It’s hardly even started principal production and we already have the first look at Ant-Man, the new Marvel Comics movie. Directed by Peyton Reed (The Break-up and Yes Man) and starring Paul Rudd as Scott Lang, a con man with the ability to shrink in size but grow more powerful who must use his powers to help ...

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  • Weirdest Things Sent to Space
    Weirdest Things Sent to Space

    Ah, space…the final frontier for freaky things. Check out our pick of the coolest and weirdest things sent to space: 1. Sex Doll Talk about an out-of-this-world sexual experience. A porn company sent a sex blow-up doll into space to promote itself by attaching the doll to a weather balloon.  2. Lightsaber In honour of ...

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Health & Lifestyle
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Can sex become compulsive?Like most behaviours, sex can be taken to its obsessive and compulsive extremes. Sexual obsessions and compulsions are recurrent,...
Could you have parasites?Do you love sushi? Do you kiss your pets? Do you eat meat, or unwashed fruit and vegetables? If you answer yes, you could be putt...
Are you ready to quit smoking?Chain smoker or social smoker? How dependent are you really on that pack of smokes? Do this quiz and find out how hard it will be...
Sport Blog
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TheBounce’s Weekend Preview – 21 August.Well done. You’ve made it passed the business end of the weekend, and now we have some great sport to enjoy. Rugby Championship will be a whole lot better this weekend after a piss poor start. English Premiership gives us more drama and intrigue, and then the best golfers in the world tee it up [...]
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