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Beauty And The Beast Review: A Tale As Old As Time, Retold Beautifully

26 years later – take a moment to feel old – and the classic tale of love and acceptance is remade into a live-action movie. Beauty and the Beast manages to bring the tale as old as time, back to life. RELATED: Top 10 Classic Disney Movie Songs From Your Childhood Director Bill Condon Cast Emma […]

The Matrix Reboot Is Reportedly In The Works

It turns out the rabbit hole can go even deeper – there’s reportedly The Matrix reboot in the works from Warner Bros. RELATED: Discovery In Stem Cells Could Help Regenerate Body Parts The Matrix is the world that has been pulled over your eyes, to blind you from the truth. -Morpheus (Laurence Fishburn), The Matrix, 1999. […]

Ed Sheeran Will Be On Game Of Thrones Season 7

Fans of the popular HBO show, Game of Thrones, finally have a premier date for the penultimate season 7 – 16 July 2017. Now, it has been revealed by showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss at the SXSW film festival in Texas that pop musician, Ed Sheeran will be starring in the new season of Game […]

South African Women Love Watching Porn On Mobile

It’s no secret that women watching porn has been – excuse the pun – on the rise. Now, it seems, women watching porn on mobile is further on the rise thanks to access to porn from mobile devices. Popular porn website, Pornhub has released insights showing how watching porn on mobile devices has increased dramatically, especially […]

The Sexiest Superhero Porn Parodies

Superhero porn parodies are so appealing because they let you live out your sexy superhero fantasies. RELATED: Brazzers Produces Sexy Metal Gear Solid Porn Parody The fun thing about superhero porn parodies is that they aren’t too serious and you’re able to have a bit of fun and creativity with your superhero fantasies. If you’re a […]

5 Romantic Star Wars Moments

The Star Wars universe is filled with war, battles, and general action. But there are some romantic Star Wars moments too that manage to make you fall in love even more with the franchise. RELATED: Our Top 5 Favourite Star Wars Women There are a few romantic Star Wars storylines and seeing as Valentine’s Day is […]

Brazzers Produces Sexy Metal Gear Solid Porn Parody

The industry’s leading premium porn brand, BRAZZERS, has just released a Metal Gear Solid porn parody for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The Metal Gear Solid porn parody features gun battles, visual effects, costuming and the most popular plot gags we’ve come to love from the Metal Gear franchise. RELATED: The Pokémon GO Porn […]

5 Glorious Geek Shows You Have To Watch

We all love putting our feet up and watching something that resonates with the inner geek in us all. With so much on TV, it is hard to nail down just what to watch, and what would be the best to soothe those inner geek cravings. Here are some of the best geek shows you […]

Our Top 5 Favourite Star Wars Women

The world lost a true legend when Carrie Fisher passed away just before the end of last year. Many fans mourned her loss, especially Star Wars fans who regarded her iconic Princess Leia Organa as one of the best Star Wars women to ever grace our screens. RELATED: RIP Carrie Fisher: Our 5 Favourite Princess Leia […]

LEGO Batman Movie Review

Take a stellar cast, brilliant visuals, and a well-written script, and you have a masterpiece. The LEGO Batman Movie is just that. The LEGO Batman movie is a fine piece of CGI art, combined with fantastic voice-over work, and a story that puts other animations to shame. RELATED: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens Review Director […]
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