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ANC seeking quality leadership in the Western Cape

ANC seeking quality leadership in the Western Cape

Deputy President of the African National Congress, Cyril Ramaphosa, made it clear that now was the time for the governing party to pick up the pieces and become a force in the Western Cape once again.

The ANC has fallen out of favour in the Western Cape. The party's political base was further eroded during the Local Government Elections last year. Much of that has had to do with President Jacob Zuma being at the helm of the ANC  but probably more has had to do with Marius Fransman being at the helm of the provincial ANC.

The party's Deputy President told members at the Western Cape Provincial General Council that the quality of leadership in the governing party was a matter that required urgent attention, as it builds towards its Policy and Elective Conferences later this year.

"Let us move forward to build a credible and honest, patriotic leadership of the African National Congress," said Ramaphosa.

"Let us move ahead, to build a renewed ANC that our people want. An ANC that is going to move each step with its people. An ANC that adheres to the policies of the African National Congress," added Ramaphosa. 

The factionalism that has plagued the party under the Zuma administration has been well documented, and while there was initially a period of denial, it has become increasingly apparent to all and sundry that the party is severely divided. 

People within the ANC have now come to a point where they are openly admitting the extent of the divisions within he organization. Ramaphosa reminded members that this scourge could no longer be ignored.

"There is factionalism, there is disunity amongst us. That is what we need to address. Because if we don't address that Comrades, the policies that we are going to adopt are not going to be effectively implemented."

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