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DA wants Zuma to appear before ad hoc committeeOpposition parties have argued that President Jacob Zuma and Public Protector Thuli Madonsela should appear before the ad hoc committee set up to consider his response to her findings.
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Health & Lifestyle
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Great Sex GuidesFind out how to please your partner, and take care of your sexual health with one of our Great Sex Guides. This is real sex info,...
Babies may help couples stay togetherA Danish study suggests that couples who seek evaluation for infertility problems are more likely to stay together if they are ul...
Can probiotics give you flawless skin?We know probiotics are good for your digestive health and weight control, but could this non-digestible food ingredient be the ne...
Baby foreskins used to grow hairA new experiment to regrow hair by cloning follicles and using discarded infant foreskins to graft them has shown some early succ...
Feeling in control may curb desire to drinkPeople who have a strong sense of control believe their lives are controlled by their own choices and may subsequently have less ...
Women find flashy men more desirableNew research found that men's conspicuous spending is driven by the desire to have uncommitted romantic flings - and women can se...
Do you hope Oscar is innocent, or do you need him to be innocent?CyberShrink Professor Michael Simpson 'unpacks' the many unanswered questions and irritations surrounding the Oscar Pistorius tri...
Golden rules of exercise and eatingNo amount of exercise in the world will get you the body you want if you’re eating all the wrong things. This is what you need ...
Viagra may ease period painWomen dealing with painful menstrual cramps may receive relief from an unexpected source - the erectile dysfunction medication n...
Pheromone parties: why you should sniff your date's armpitsYou could be choosing your next partner based not on how they look or what they say, but on how they smell.
Did Reeva look like Oscar's mother?Photos suggest that Reeva Steenkamp looked very similar to the mother of the man who shot her, Oscar Pistorius.
Baby born as truck kills motherThis miracle baby was delivered as a result of a truck crash - and he survived!
You can't fool your partner in the bedroomA study found that women and men are equally able to determine their partners' levels of sexual satisfaction.
Why the world is getting fatter and fatterDo you hate your fat and flab? Well, what if you weren't to blame? Find out who the real culprits are.
How to spot a liarEveryone has at some point been tempted to lie, yet nobody wants to be deceived themselves. Here’s how to tell when someone is ...
Are you too polite for your own good?You shake hands, you clean your plate and have a final drink to make others happy. But could this be making you ill?
Pick your sport and get your dream bodyEvery woman dreams of a body shape they prefer to have and with the following sports it is possible.
Why it's good to go low-carbStop wondering what the fuss about a low-carb diet is. Dr Peter Brukner tried it and tells us why it's good for you.
What is the police psychologist looking for in Oscar's testimony?A police psychologist is monitoring Pistorius' testimony. Here's why.
Pistorius dabbled in daggaParalympian Oscar Pistorius smoked dagga when his mother died but stopped, he told the High Court in Pretoria on Monday.
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WIN the new Nokia Lumia 1520.As a modern day sports fan, I’m naturally a big gadget man. My working/sporting day involves various screens, and my hunger for them only grows as they become more and more capable. My latest acquisition has been the new Nokia Lumia 1520, a truly remarkable device that you too can own in our latest competition! [...]
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