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  • SmartDroplet: Make your garden smarter
    SmartDroplet: Make your garden smarter

    Following on from the trend of smart homes and “The internet of Things” concept, we came across this awesome little gadget that will bring some cool tech to your garden. Droplet is the world’s first smart sprinkler system that combines the latest technology in robotics, cloud computing and connected services to transform the way sprinkler ...

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  • Phone Charging Myths
    Phone Charging Myths

    If you have a mobile phone, chances are that you’ve had an issue with one of your many phones’ batteries. It happens to us all and we all blame ourselves – “I shouldn’t have used it while it was charging”, “I should have charged it for 24 hours before using it for the first time”, etc. We ...

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  • 6 Must Have PS4 Games for 2H2014
    6 Must Have PS4 Games for 2H2014

    With the Xbox One launching in SA on the 23rd of September a lot of focus will shift to Microsoft. However, that’s no reason to feel left out if you have opted for a PS4 (I’m not in any way suggesting the Xbox One is superior but you know what its like when a toy ...

    The post 6 Must Have PS4 Games for 2H2014 appeared first on PixelVulture.

Health & Lifestyle
Sponsored by | 10 foods to boost your libidoDid you know that there are foods that can naturally increase your libido and spark your sexual appetite? Spice up your sex life ... | Osteoporosis increase in African womenThe latest focus of osteoporosis awareness is to educate African women on the importance of a healthy diet in order to prevent th... | Lost interest in sex?Many factors influence sexual energy. Nowadays, it's unlikely that birth control pills decrease libido, or sex drive. But what ar... | 10 signs of a winning dateA successful date doesn’t always mean you end up in the sack. So, if you can’t use that as a measure, how do you know when th... | Scientists find how magic mushrooms alter the mindMagic mushrooms and LSD alter the way we see the world. | 10 essentials in a partnerYou've gone out three times and you think this new person is great. these are the things you should look out for – beyond the l... | Oscar needs to leave his defence aloneOscar needs to stop getting involved and let his defence do what they're being paid for | Ooh baby spank meEven though most people won't admit it, S&M has a dark appeal, especially since the runaway bestseller Fifty Shades Of Grey. | Sexual lubricants may block conceptionCouples trying to conceive may want to avoid using certain common sexual lubricants, which can harm sperm and reduce the chances ... | Are these men's worst habits ever?Leaving beard shavings in the basin, farting and finding it funny, clearing the throat, fidgeting in private places and clipping ... | Facebook toys with your emotionsFacebook manipulated news feeds to study and control almost 700,000 users’ emotions. | Win R2000 for 2 minutes clicking!Need some cash? Get in the running! | Apps for gay and bi men tied to STI riskResearchers report that gay and bisexual men who use smartphone apps to facilitate sexual encounters are more likely to be diagno... | What to masturbate with?How far will you go to satisfy your sexual itch? | Is this the best anti-smoking ad ever?The Smoking Kid campaign developed by Ogilvy Thailand employed an innovative approach called ‘Inside-Out Reflection’. With a ... | Top 9 worst soccer injuriesA video compilation of some of the worst soccer injuries. | Boy and grandmother run over by car, both miraculously surviveThis is a miracle. Watch this video - you will not believe this. | Don’t kill the moodKilling the mood right before, or even worse halfway through, some passionate lovemaking is one of the worst, most awkward experi... | How your heater can kill youA heater has caused a fire in a house in Eldorado Park. How safe is the heater you are using?
Sport Blog
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Argentina vs Netherlands – the ‘country semi-final’.Yesterday we pitted Germany against Brazil in a slightly unconventional sense, Germany won there, then they won on the pitch too. Today we move onto the second semi-final, meaning we assess the qualities of Argentina and the Netherlands in some colourful ways. Let’s see who comes out on tops. Same as yesterday, a whole load [...]
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