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Health & Lifestyle
Sponsored by | Many young adults misinformed about hookahsHookah smoking, as with any other type of smoking, is harmful to our health – something most young adults fail to realise. | 'Anti-gay laws spread HIV like poison'If gays or bisexuals are persecuted, they are discouraged from taking an HIV test. This creates an atmosphere of silence – a pe... | How Kim Kardashian covers up her psoriasisKim Kardashian has revealed that she suffers from psoriasis and explains on her website how she copes with this disfiguring condi... | The case for having a beer at workDoes stressful mornings at work tempt you to have a drink at lunch time? | 10 minutes to better healthWork, eat, sleep, ferry kids, take dog to vet, gym, work, eat, sleep. Sound familiar? Who has time to spend hours on a healthy li... | What to masturbate with?How far will you go to satisfy your sexual itch? | How to spot a liarEveryone has at some point been tempted to lie, yet nobody wants to be deceived themselves. Here’s how to tell when someone is ... | Club music: how the ears surviveResearchers have discovered how the ear manages to turn itself down to protect itself when noise levels are too high. | The science of orgasms explainedEverything you wanted to know about orgasms, but were too afraid to ask. Who knew science could be so sexy? | What's keeping your man outta the bedroom?A recent survey has revealed that the number one excuse for not being in the mood is no longer a throbbing headache and it's no l... | Graphic images of "the deadliest drug in the world"Krokodil, a flesh-eating drug that has killed thousands in Russia, is rearing its head in several US states and it will only be a... | Oscar needs to leave his defence aloneOscar needs to stop getting involved and let his defence do what they're being paid for | Scientists find how magic mushrooms alter the mindMagic mushrooms and LSD alter the way we see the world. | Facebook toys with your emotionsFacebook manipulated news feeds to study and control almost 700,000 users’ emotions. | Win R2000 for 2 minutes clicking!Need some cash? Get in the running! | Apps for gay and bi men tied to STI riskResearchers report that gay and bisexual men who use smartphone apps to facilitate sexual encounters are more likely to be diagno... | Is this the best anti-smoking ad ever?The Smoking Kid campaign developed by Ogilvy Thailand employed an innovative approach called ‘Inside-Out Reflection’. With a ... | Top 9 worst soccer injuriesA video compilation of some of the worst soccer injuries. | Boy and grandmother run over by car, both miraculously surviveThis is a miracle. Watch this video - you will not believe this.
Sport Blog
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What can’t Dale Steyn do???This morning we were discussing on twitter how amazing Dale Steyn is. Being the world’s best bowler aside, he also has a movie role to add to the accolades! Finally, Adam Sandler seems to have released a movie worth watching. His latest stuff has been very Imran Tahir up to now…
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