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Health & Lifestyle
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Can sex become compulsive?Like most behaviours, sex can be taken to its obsessive and compulsive extremes. Sexual obsessions and compulsions are recurrent,...
Could you have parasites?Do you love sushi? Do you kiss your pets? Do you eat meat, or unwashed fruit and vegetables? If you answer yes, you could be putt...
Are you ready to quit smoking?Chain smoker or social smoker? How dependent are you really on that pack of smokes? Do this quiz and find out how hard it will be...
Sport Blog
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New Feature! #ManLines – 20th of August.Today I trialed a new feature on the CliffCentral morning show called #ManLines. Forget the headlines, let’s just get the ManLines! It’s still a man’s world out there somewhere, so it’s always good to be informed in what is happening in it eac week. Enjoy! You can watch the 2014 London Victoria Secret Show – [...]
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