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  • The Selfie TV Show is here
    The Selfie TV Show is here

    It was bound to happen, the Selfie TV Show is here and the first episode is available online. READ MORE: 7 Perfect Selfie Poses The Basic Plot Eliza Dooley (played by Karen Gillan of Doctor Who) and as the title of the show suggests, she is obsessed with Instagram and taking selfies of herself. The character ...

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  • Twitter Adds People to your Timeline who you don’t Follow
    Twitter Adds People to your Timeline who you don’t Follow

    Twitter has been testing out ways to display accounts in you timeline which you don’t actually follow for a while now. But now Twitter has officially updated its policy. The “What’s a Twitter timeline?” section now includes a provision that states as follows: “Additionally, when we identify a Tweet, an account to follow, or other ...

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  • Destiny: Launch Trailer
    Destiny: Launch Trailer

    The time is almost upon us. Destiny is just around the corner and Bungie are continuing to build the hype with the release Destiny launch trailer. After playing the Alpha and Beta I can say that I am truely excited to get stuck in when Destiny launches. I really hope that the story can match ...

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Nurse arrested for stealing penisesA Croatian nurse has been nicknamed 'The Penis Collector' after he was found to have stolen numerous genitalia from a hospital mo...
Can sex become compulsive?Like most behaviours, sex can be taken to its obsessive and compulsive extremes. Sexual obsessions and compulsions are recurrent,...
How to spot a liarEveryone has at some point been tempted to lie, yet nobody wants to be deceived themselves. Here’s how to tell when someone is ...
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#FridayVideo – Fish swallows shark. What?I’m sure you have heard many a story of people out fishing, they snag something decent, and then suddenly a shark comes up and grabs it. Well, talk about reversing the roles… That big fish is called a Grouper. Talk about a demon of the deep, these things have been reported to grow more than [...]
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