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  • Hello Kitty is Not a Cat
    Hello Kitty is Not a Cat

    Christine R. Yano, a curator of a Hello Kitty Museum in Los Angeles was in the process of setting out a script for a Hello Kitty show when Sanrio (owner of the character) corrected her by stating that: “She is not a cat. She’s never depicted on all fours. She walks and sits like a ...

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  • This is not the iPhone 6 (iPhone parody)
    This is not the iPhone 6 (iPhone parody)

    Apples next iPhone event is set for 9 September. Rumours about the iPhone 6 are in full cry and people are about to pass out at the possibility of a bigger screen.  We love a good iPhone parody, so here is the lighter side of all the hype. Whats your favourite iPhone parody?

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  • How’s it Hanging Dynamo?
    How’s it Hanging Dynamo?

    Dynamo, the magician who famously walked across the River Thames and “levitated” from the side of a London double-decker bus, has disappointed fans with his recent trick. As seen in the images below, Dynamo recently performed a stunt where he claimed that he was levitating about 309m in the air off the Shard building in ...

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Health & Lifestyle
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Find your workout personalityPrefer a slouch on the couch to a workout at the gym? It could be the fault of your workout personality. Here are a couple of way...
Fat like me? Brandon keeps going!If you're ready to throw in the towel after recently starting a diet plan, don't! 120kg Brandon Faber hasn't.
Woman rushed to hospital after 3-hour orgasmLong after she had sex with her partner Eric, Liz experienced an hours-long epic climax. She tried jumping and drinking to shake ...
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Win a golfing trip of a lifetime to Dubai with Castle Lite.There are literally just a few hours left of August, and with that comes September and spring! More importantly though, the 2014 Castle Lite Pairs Challenge kicks into gear – SA’s coolest golf competition out there where you and a partner get to win a trip to Dubai this time round. Want to know how [...]
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