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  • Destiny Review
    Destiny Review

    We have put in some serious hours fighting back the darkness to bring you this Destiny review on PS4. Does it live up to the hype? Through the highs and lows of Destiny one thing is for sure; it’s a blast to play. Story Destiny begins on earth in a future where humanity has benefited ...

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  • Coming Soon: Supergirl TV Series
    Coming Soon: Supergirl TV Series

    CBS is developing a Supergirl TV series. This move makes sense because, Fox has Gotham, NBC has Constantine, and ABC has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. The Supergirl Tv series will follow Kara Zor-El, who is Superman’s cousin, when she begins using her powers. In the show, Supergirl will be 24 and up until this age she has hidden ...

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  • Xbox One Launches: TODAY (last day to enter our competition)
    Xbox One Launches: TODAY (last day to enter our competition)

    The waiting is officially over. The Xbox One launch day has arrived and the console is officially available at AnimeWorx, BT Games, CNA, Dion Wired, and BT Games will be open at 7am Our competition closes for entries at 17:00 this afternoon so if you are reading this and don’t have an entry, ...

    The post Xbox One Launches: TODAY (last day to enter our competition) appeared first on PixelVulture.

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24-hour breast enlargement done in your lunchtimeThe latest cosmetic procedure to hit the US is having your breasts temporarily enhanced during a quick 20-minute visit to the pla...
5 very bizarre medical devicesThere's no telling what effect new technology will have on medicine. Here are 5 outrageous medical devices.
Virologist: Ebola will not 'burn itself out' anytime soon6 months into the Ebola outbreak, scientists are learning more about the deadly virus.
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TheBounce’s guide to writing an Oscar Pistorius book.Oscar has been found guilty of calapable homicide, and though he hasn’t been sentenced yet, the flood gates have already opened on the book front. As many as 7 are already out there, with many more surely to come. As everyone else is doing it, you can’t be judged for wanting to type your way [...]
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