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  • A Belt That Charges Your Phone
    A Belt That Charges Your Phone

    Would you wear a belt that charges your phone? Nifty, a UK start-up seems to think so and aims to bring you the XOO Belt that will charge your phone. RELATED: Phone Charging Myths It looks, feels and weighs about the same as a really nice belt … but comes with a mighty 2,100 mAh ...

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  • Famous Cities Without Lights
    Famous Cities Without Lights

    Artist Thierry Cohen has re-imagined some of the world’s famous cities without light and air pollution and the results are absolutely beautiful. Instead of lights and smog, famous sky-lines are lit up by billions of stars. This series, entitled Darkened Cities, aims to highlight the fact that by chasing away the dark with lights we have given ...

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  • Trailer: Game Of Thrones Video Game
    Trailer: Game Of Thrones Video Game

    Telltale Games have released the first official trailer for the Game of Thrones video game and it looks a lot like the popular show: RELATED: 80s Game of Thrones remake is even funnier with nu disco theme song

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