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Lewis loses its appeal on delivery charges

Lewis loses its appeal on delivery charges

Lewis Stores has been left with a bloodied nose after thinking it could justify charging a delivery fee to all customers who take out credit for the first time.

Engineering student's vacuum-cleaning service a winner

An electrical engineering student from Wits University has successfully started a booming vacuum-cleaning service for students living in an outside accommodation in Braamfontein.

Invest in FTSE JSE Swix from as little as R150

Money responds to a 60-year old, Sowetan reader from Newcastle, Kwazulu-Natal, who’s keen to invest in the FTSE JSE Swix.

Robert Gwerengwe: Swiping your credit card doesn't buy you financial freedom

Although the discipline of patience and working within a budget has been instilled in him from a very young age, he still fell into the credit card trap later in life simply because he could swipe for just about anything. But he learnt the hard way and found that financial freedom is more about the quality of life you can extract from using money than just about what money can do for you.

Need a will? There is a way, online

Your loved ones are at risk of getting little to nothing if you die without a will.

How Naspers unbundling will hit investors

The listing of Prosus, the new company that holds the international online assets of Naspers, will have a significant impact on investors as key, commonly used indices are set to change.

Who pays when you get sick on a business trip?

As your mental bandwidth is taken up with details of meetings and budgets, you might not give any consideration to your medical cover in the event of you falling ill.

Discovery Health hikes contributions by up to 10.9% for 2020

Discovery Health Medical Scheme has announced a weighted average annual contribution increase of 9.5% for 2020.

FSCA warns against Ubuntu Society Forex Trading and fines 4 Africa Exchange

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority warns against doing any financial services business with Society Forex Trading and fines 4 Africa Exchange R30,000.

Building a learning organisation will help unleash employee potential

SPONSORED | Wits Plus offers a part-time short course in organisational learning and development

Peter Moyo is no longer an employee of Old Mutual - Trevor Manuel

Old Mutual says it has ‘reconsidered its stance’ on filing an urgent declaratory order on whether it can bar Peter Moyo from returning to work

SA's budget deficit much higher than projected - Tito Mboweni

Finance minister Tito Mboweni has warned that the country's budget deficit was much higher than projected by his department and this would impact negatively on economic growth.

Is it safe to buy car insurance online or via an app?

When you buy insurance online, there’s a great chance of a mismatch between what you need and the product or the options you will end up selecting.

SA economy needs rescue action now or we sink

Protect your investment values, by investing in inflation-beating solutions, and importantly, diversify with a suitable portion of your investments in global markets.

Empower yourself on your retirement savings

Almost seven out of every 10 South Africans have no retirement plan in place or have only a vague idea about their retirement finances, a survey shows.

How to stay level-headed in tough socioeconomic times

Times of uncertainty and financial downturn may see you either make bad investment decisions in the hope of high returns or have you stay out of the market all together. 

Naspers' European spinoff in stunning debut

Media titan Naspers on Wednesday effectively created Europe's largest consumer tech company, called Prosus, with a stunning Amsterdam stock debut driven by interest in its stake in China's Tencent.

Financial regulator seizes documents, computers from Coin It Trading, Commex Minerals

The Financial Sector Conduct Authority has raided  the business premises of Coin It Trading and Commex Minerals, as well as the private home of an ex-Coin It director.

Young minds have KZN co-operative sewn up

Furniture and clothing enterprise doubles in size

Hard work pays off and puts Nduduzo Nyanda in driving seat

Uber country manager says team on the ball

SA businesses are diversifying offshore to counter political risks: survey

Political risk in SA is worse today than three years ago under then-president Jacob Zuma, according to a poll of SA businesspeople.

High court rules against Old Mutual, again, in Peter Moyo saga

The court dismissed the insurer’s application to stop Moyo’s return until its appeal process is concluded

Poor facing loan struggle

People at the lower end of the market might in the near future find it difficult to get loans from established credit providers like banks and major retail outlets.

FNB zapped for reckless lending

A consumer was allowed to increase her credit card limit and overdraft to over six times her monthly income, and to take out a revolving loan – all within eight months.

It's risky to take financial advice from family and friends

Your decision to invest should be based on your circumstances, risk appetite, objectives and investment horizon, and a friend or family member cannot help you with this. 

Why it’s so important to keep a healthy credit record

Every transaction you make that involves borrowing money from an institution is kept on record.

Crunching the numbers: How just R70 a month can give you R8.4m at retirement

A recent conference for financial advisers has pinned the ideal age to start saving for retirement at 23.

Shoprite condemns attacks on foreign nationals and businesses in Africa

Large food retailer Shoprite has condemned violent attacks on foreign nationals and businesses on the African continent.

No easy way out of debt review, even if your fortunes change

Not even a high court has the power to release you early from debt review merely because you are no longer overindebted. 
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