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Flexi hours suggested to ease CT traffic

Flexi hours suggested to ease CT traffic

Cape Town traffic seems to have gotten heavier in the last few months, and now employers have been asked to consider implementing flexi-hours to deal with the issue. 

The idea  will be presented to council for approval next week.

Mayco member for Transport Brett Herron says; “So the travel demand strategy is how the city can influence the use of our road network by shifting the times that people are travelling, the need to travel and the role parking plays in trip generation.

Employers have also been asked to implement remote working, meaning that when possible, employees are able to work from home. 

Authorities say Cape Town is the fastest growing and most congested city in South Africa, and the City of Cape Town will be spending R750 million over the next five years to address infrastructure problems that contribute to congestion, EWN reports.

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