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Hlaudi to enjoy himself at disciplinary hearing

Hlaudi to enjoy himself at disciplinary hearing

Former Chief Operating Office of the SABC Hlaudi Motsoeneng said he was excited by his upcoming disciplinary hearing, adding he was confident he would emerge from the proceedings unscathed.

Motsoeneng has been suspended from the SABC, pending the outcome of a new disciplinary hearing into his fitness to hold office and a judicial review of the Public Protector's report on him. 

In what was one of the most cringeworthy press conferences in recent South African history, on Tuesday, South African musicians from yesteryear expressed solidarity with Motsoeneng, ahead of those disciplinary proceedings.

Motsoeneng said he was not flustered.

"In South Africa you have only one Hlaudi, nobody else, only one Hlaudi. I want to say to you today, people who organized the Press Conference is friends of Hlaudi," said Motsoeneng.

"Because, everywhere I go people are asking me about all these allegations or rumours that people are spreading around South Africa, around the continent, around the world. Because even around the world, you know, they talk about Hlaudi. They write about Hlaudi.

"Some of them, they don't even know what Hlaudi looks like. But it is very important to deal with reality in South Africa. What you see in me is what you get. I am not apologetic about the decisions we have been taking at the SABC. That is what we need to do," added Motsoeneng.

"I want to say to you that I am not representing SABC, because you are aware that the court has ruled that I should sit at home until my disciplinary hearing...the second one. I walked the first one and I am still going to walk the second one because there is nothing wrong that I have done.

"Actually I am very excited and I am going to enjoy myself, in this disciplinary hearing. You see, some people when they are taken to a disciplinary hearing, they think it is the end of the world.  For me it is the beginning of the world. For me, it is the beginning of Hlaudi. 

"So, there is no problem about the disciplinary hearing. They can have that disciplinary hearing and I am very excited to see who is going to come and what people are going to say, what they know...because I am going to be there to respond on all those allegations."

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