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Kruger Park grateful for the rain

Kruger Park grateful for the rain

Management of the Kruger National Park says that the recent rain has brought much needed relief to the animals dying from the severe drought.

The South African Weather Service (SAWS) recorded 92mm of rain at the park's Skuzuza headquarters in Mpumalanga.

The rain closed several roads in the area, but the rain was a refreshing surprise for the park that had been dry for years, with the park receiving the most rain it has seen in a year, at the weekend.

Certain campsites and entrance gates closed due to flooding.

"Rain has fallen steadily over the past few days and we appreciate it hugely. Waterholes and rivers have filled up again and we hope that this is just the start of a decent rainfall season for us,” said SANParks acting head of communications William Mabasa.

Wildlife expert Lex Hes told News24; "It’s very simple, actually. Once the natural progression of drought is over and the rains come, the plants grow and there is more food for the animals. Animals which were dying of starvation, such as buffalo, now have access to all the nutrients and minerals they need to survive.

"In terms of game viewing, the animals are now more widely dispersed throughout the park, and are not only confined to permanent waterholes. Heavily overgrazed areas now have the chance to recover as animals move to other areas," he explained.

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