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Mass animal sterilization programme launching in Mamre

Mass animal sterilization programme launching in Mamre

FOUR PAWS, in conjunction with African Tails and The Hope Foundation for Cats has agreed to implement a mass animal sterilization programme for the protection and welfare of companion animals in the Mamre area on Wedneday.  

The project is called, Mending Mamre.

The aim of the programme is to promote and nurture responsible dog and cat ownership, leading to safer and healthier communities, through the inherent attitude of more humanity towards all living creatures. 

FOUR PAWS envisages that animal owners will willingly sterilize their dogs to prevent stray animals. 

Fiona Miles, Country Director of FOUR PAWS comments: “Our research in the Mamre area has indicated that there is an overwhelming need for education in basic animal welfare. The services offered by FOUR PAWS will address the basic information including correct food, shelter, water, medical care and respect.”

“The outreach programme is supported by dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers who are committed to the education and upliftment of the community. Over the next few months we will be working systematically through the area, and visiting each household”, Fiona adds.

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