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Minister Gigaba: I am my own man

Minister Gigaba: I am my own man

Minister of Finance Malusi Gigaba is growing increasingly frustrated by questions on comments made by his advisor Chris Malikane, which advocate for the expropriation of white monopoly capital establishments such as banks, insurance companies, mines and other monopoly industries, to industrialize the economy.

Speaking to journalists on Wednesday, Gigaba said he had always been consistent about the approach that government had adopted on the South African economy, adding that the personal opinions of Malikane would have no bearing on his decision making, if they were not consistent with ANC and government policy.

"You have asked me about several questions four times now, about issues which didn't come out of my mouth, but have come out of people's mouths. And you haven't asked me about inconsistencies coming out of my mouth," said Gigaba on Wednesday.

The Minister said he was ultimately the Head of Treasury, adding that all decisions ultimately rested with him. As strong as Malikane's views might be on nationalization, Gigaba said they would not have any influence on decision making, if they were not consistent with the ANC and government's views. Nationalisation is not consistent with government policy.

"I am the Minister, not anybody else. Advisors are advisors. They are not the Minister and they don't impose their advice on the Minister," said Gigaba.

"They only provide technical advise. Prof. Malikane is an academic and perhaps you need to understand that fact firstly. Secondly, that he is an advisor and not the Minister. I am the Minister, I am my own man. 

"I take my own decisions. The technical advice he provides will never detract from the policies of the African National Congress, which don't entail nationalization or the wholesale nationalization of the mines, insurance industries and the land. 

"Secondly, I take my cue from the policies of the government."

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