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10 Sports Movies To Get You Pumped

Sports movies can be emotional and exciting at the same time. What makes many of the sports movies so great, is that they shine a spotlight on some of your favourite sports in an entertaining way. RELATED: Steamy Movie Sex Scenes Where The Actors Really Did It Here are some of the best sports movies for super […]

Mr Robot Season 3 Is Coming To Showmax First

Mr Robot season 3 premieres on Showmax first across Africa on Thursday, 12 October 2017, with fresh episodes launching weekly within 24 hours of their broadcast in the US. RELATED: Steamy Movie Sex Scenes Where The Actors Really Did It Mr Robot season 3 stars Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek as Elliot, a troubled hacker at the center of the […]

Steamy Movie Sex Scenes Where The Actors Really Did It

Movie sex scenes happen often and can be pretty steamy. However, actors like Dakota Johnson from the Fifty Shades movies have described sex scenes as extremely awkward to film and not sexy at all. RELATED: Catchy Series Intro Songs That’ll Get Stuck In Your Head These are some of the movie sex scenes where the actors […]

Marvellous Movie Gadgets We Wish Really Existed

Movie gadgets have that Hollywood magic about them. Movie gadgets are dramatic and dazzling and we have been dreaming about using these props in real life for a long time. RELATED: Our Top Five Favourite Fake Companies These are the movie gadgets we wish we could buy and use in real life. Hoverboard Many manufacturers have […]

Catchy Series Intro Songs That’ll Get Stuck In Your Head

If you love a series you probably know its intro song off by heart. There have been many series intro songs through the years, but we reckon no one would ever fast forward through these songs from popular shows. RELATED: Famous Robots From Movies And TV Friends Name: I’ll Be There For You Performed by: The […]

The Worst Video Game Movies

Between 2003 and 2007, video game movies were not very good for video game fans who wanted to see their favourite series on the big screen. RELATED: Famous Robots From Movies And TV These are some of the worst video game movies we’ve had to endure. Hitman – 2007 Rotten Tomatoes – 14% IMDB – 6.3/10 […]

These Ugly Villains Are What Nightmares Are Made Of

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but these ugly villains prove that sometimes evil seeps into your physical appearance. RELATED: 5 Of The Most Expensive Cars In The World These ugly villains are pure evil and disgusting combined. Lord Voldemort Tom Riddle might have been a charming and handsome boy, but […]

Famous Robots From Movies And TV

Hollywood caught onto humans’ obsession with robots and have created many movies and shows focused on the future of robotic technology. Some famous robots are made to make you hate them and others make you instantly fall in love. RELATED: 5 Weird Superheroes With Strange Powers These are the best famous robots in some of our […]

Famous Fake Brands From Movies And TV Shows

Your mom was right – not everything you see in movies and TV is real. Sometimes real product placements take place where real brands are used, usually paid for by the brand owner. Other times, fake brands are created that add to the fictional world created by the movie or TV show. Then you also […]

5 TV Show Characters You Never See

TV show characters play a huge part in the success of a show as they are responsible for telling the story. But certain TV show characters aren’t even ever seen and you’re either only told about them by the onscreen TV show characters or you’re given hints of them throughout the show like their voices […]
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