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Movie Titles That Are Different In Other Countries

Movie titles aren’t set in stone. Sometimes, due to various factors like marketing and reception, movie titles are adjusted for different territories to help the movies perform better in a certain location. RELATED: 10 Movie Cars We Wish We Could Drive IRL Here are the movie titles that have been adjusted for territories outside of the […]

How Much Original Pokémon Cards Are Worth Today

2016 was the year of the Pokémon thanks to the massive success of Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Pokémon Go. But Pokémon are hardly the new kids on the block, as us millennials have been collecting original Pokémon cards since the 90s. RELATED: PLAY POKÉMON GO, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU If you’re a dedicated fan of the […]

6 Of The Most Famous Movie Phones

Movie phones are used to introduce interesting conversations in films. Some movie phones have caught our attention for being cool, high-tech or innovative. Other movie phones are remembered for how ridiculous they are. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time These are the most popular movie phones from our favourite films. The Matrix This […]

Ridiculous Misheard Lyrics You Hopefully Haven’t Gotten Wrong

Misheard lyrics can be ridiculously funny. A survey in the UK concluded that from 2000 participants, a third have made up their own, and funny lyrics to popular songs. RELATED: 5 Popular Songs With Recording Mistakes Some of the misheard versions of popular songs on the list are just so ridiculously hilarious that we had […]

5 Replaced TV Stars Everyone Noticed

Replaced TV stars are always noticed by fans, no matter how hard the TV show creators try to cover up the replacement. RELATED: 10 Rich Fictional Characters That Will Make You Envious There are different reasons for replacing a TV character like other work commitments, disagreements, illness, addictions, etc.. Whatever the reasons, replaced TV stars are […]

5 Video Game Movies That Should Happen

Not all video game movies are that terrific, so we thought we’d put together a list of video game movies we hope will happen in the future and actually be worth watching. RELATED: 10 Of The Best Video Game Trailers Ever Created Overwatch Although we have already seen Overwatch’s characters in action in a few short […]

Former Famous People With Real Jobs

Fame is a fickle thing. These former celebrities once had a taste of the stardom, but were unable to hold onto it and now have real jobs like us normal people. RELATED: 5 Of The Most Unexpected Expensive Things In The World These are the former celebrities that now either have to or choose to work […]

10 Movie Cars We Wish We Could Drive IRL

Movie cars can be seen driven in some of your favourite blockbusters. These movie cars have become synonymous with the movies they are sported in and fans drool over the possibility to drive them in real life. RELATED: Biggest Box Office Bombs Of All Time These are our favourite famous movie cars that send our hear […]

Fictional High Schools We Wish We Could’ve Attended

High school is hard for most teenagers, but these fictional high schools made it look like a lot of fun. RELATED: 10 Rich Fictional Characters That Will Make You Envious These are the fictional high schools we wish we could have attended in real life. Rydell High If you wanted to sing and dance and fall […]

5 Of The Best Background Shows To Binge Watch All The Time

Some people listen to music to keep them company while doing something mundane like cleaning the house. Others prefer background shows to get them through tasks that might not need your full attention. RELATED: Former Famous People With Real Jobs These are some of our favourite background shows to put on while we do boring stuff. […]
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