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5 Classic Mobile Games That Paved The Way

Mobile gaming has come a long way. Today, you’re able to play sophisticated mobile games like Pokémon GO and many more on high processing devices like the iPhone 7. With the Nokia 3310 making a comeback, we decided to remember 5 classic mobile games that paved the future of mobile gaming. RELATED: Mobile Solar Power Plant Charges […]

January 2018 Games To Look Forward To

2017 is behind us and the January 2018 games are looking hot! This month we have one highly anticipated triple-A game releasing, Monster Hunter: World. Now tell us that you have not been waiting patiently to slay massive monsters in this upcoming RPG. If you are waiting for the sequel to the Telltale Batman game […]

5 Game Consoles That Flopped In The Past

With Nintendo recently releasing the Nintendo Switch – its first game consoles in a few years – we took a look back at some other games consoles that have not faired so well. RELATED: Xbox One X v PS4 Pro: What Is The Difference? Not all of the game consoles can be the PS4 or the […]

Spartacus Slot Game Review

Slot game designers are always looking at new and exciting ways of thrilling customers and making sure the gaming experience they’re given is second to none. In a world where the basic old-fashioned 3-reel slot machine just doesn’t cut it anymore, intriguing designs and themes are definitely the way forward – as fans of a […]

Destiny 2: Six Major Updates this week

This week saw the release of the first Destiny 2 expansion; Curse of Osiris, bringing with it a host of new content from story to the long awaited Heroic Strike playlist. Today though we take a look at 6 major changes under the hood of Destiny 2 that will improve your gameplay experience dramatically. 1. […]

December 2017 Games To Look Forward To

It’s the last month of the year and there’re still some pretty awesome December 2017 games to come, so don’t tackle that backlog just yet. This December the popular PUBG finally hits Xbox, Destiny 2 gets its first expansion, The Walking Dead gets an entire collection and much more. Take a look at all the […]

The Worst Moments In Gaming History

The industry has come a long way, but not everything was always smooth sailing when you look back at gaming history. RELATED: 5 Game Consoles That Flopped In The Past We’ve rounded up some of the worst moments in gaming history that has shaped the massive, multi-billion industry it is today. PlayStation Hack of 2011 2011 […]

Battlefront II: Reasons To Play

Star Wars: Battlefront II is the much-anticipated sequel to the 2015 reboot of the Battlefront series. RELATED: 5 Video Game Worlds We Would Love To Live In The build-up to this game has been turbulent with a lot of negativity around the micro-transactions implemented in the game, which for the moment have been solved by EA […]

Gran Turismo Sport Review

It’s been four years since we had a Gran Turismo game which has left fans very eager for this new release. Adding to that is the fact that we have not had a GT game on the new generation platforms (PS4 / PS4 Pro) which is a gap that was even more apparent with the […]

Call of Duty: WWII – The Best CoD In Years

As huge Call of Duty fans, we have been looking forward to the latest installment for a while now. Last year’s Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare left us questioning where the series was heading after it’s futuristic, almost sci-fi action adventure. We were about to give up on the franchise until Call of Duty: WWII […]
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