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5 Of The Strangest The Sims Glitches

Because this highly popular game from Electronic Arts is so similar to real life, The Sims glitches are really creepy and sometimes even a little scary. RELATED: THE SIMS 4 REVIEW Here are our pick of the 5 scariest The Sims glitches: 1. This chick couldn’t pick an outfit so she decided to turn herself into a […]

The Worst Video Game Microtransactions

These days video game microtransactions are attached to most games. Loot boxes, DLC, pay-to-win mechanics, and of course pay-to-continue mechanics are all part of these video game microtransactions. All these extra video game microtransactions add up to a lot of money in the long run. RELATED: The Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made These are the […]

The Sims Mobile Review

The Sims Mobile is out and we’ve had a few weeks controlling people from our pockets. Here’s what we thought about The Sims Mobile. RELATED: 5 of the Scariest The Sims Glitches The Sims Mobile might not be the first mobile experience of the popular and beloved franchise from EA. However, The Sims Mobile is by […]

Far Cry 5: 5 Things You Need To Know

Far Cry 5 is around the corner. Set to make its debut on PS4, Xbox One and PC on 27 March 2018, Far Cry 5 is already looking to be the best in the series. What makes Far Cry 5 stand out from the rest of them you ask? We’ve spent a few hours with […]

The Best Free PS4 Games To Play Right Now

With the soaring prices of PS4 games in 2018, the average gamer has started to move to free PS4 games instead. These titles are free to download and play without any extra cash involved. However, you will need PlayStation Plus but other than that, they are free from start to finish. RELATED: Life Lessons Learned From […]

The Most Expensive Video Games Ever Made

Video games aren’t cheap to make. Some games, however, cost a little bit more than others to create. Some expensive video games even have bigger budgets than big blockbuster movies. Take a look at the most expensive video games that have ever been made. RELATED: The most popular video game characters All these expensive video […]

Life Lessons Learned From Playing Video Games

Some might believe that playing video games is bad for you or a waste of time. We think that video games have the potential to teach you an array of different skills and you could learn valuable life lessons from playing video games. RELATED: Future Gaming Tech To Look Forward To These are some of the […]

Retro Gaming Hardware 90s Kids Will Remember

The 90s was dubbed as the “Golden Years of Gaming”. It was the time the retro gaming hardware like the PlayStation was born, the internet became a platform for gaming, and Nintendo’s retro gaming hardware was the best thing you could own. If you did not have any of this retro gaming hardware, your weren’t […]

5 Game Consoles That Flopped In The Past

With Nintendo releasing the Nintendo Switch last year – its first game consoles in a few years – we took a look back at some other games consoles that have not faired so well. RELATED: Xbox One X v PS4 Pro: What Is The Difference? Not all of the game consoles can be the PS4 or the […]

Five of The Most Kick-Ass Female Gaming Characters

These female gaming characters are not your stereotypical female leads as they kick ass in so many ways, and take names. These female characters came into a world overcrowded with male leads, and made a mark which we still remember today. Here are some of the most important female characters in gaming, and why they […]
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