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South Park The Fractured But Whole: Reasons We’re Stoked To Play

For those who don’t know, South Park The Fractured But Whole is around the corner. Releasing on 17 October 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, the game is going to change what you thought possible in a video game when it comes to how rude and graphic it can be. We love South Park […]

Life Lessons Learned From Playing Video Games

Some might believe that playing video games is bad for you or a waste of time. We think that video games have the potential to teach you an array of different skills and you could learn valuable life lessons from playing video games. RELATED: Future Gaming Tech To Look Forward To These are some of the […]

Star Wars Battlefront II Beta: Everything You Can Experience

The Star Wars Battlefront II beta is already live, if you pre-ordered the game that is, but if you have not (and we don’t blame you, pre-ordering is not so great anymore) then you can jump into the beta when it goes live for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. What can you do in the […]

FIFA 18 Review: Our Football Fever Is Higher Than Ever

You would think after years of sequential FIFA games our enthusiasm would wane, but there seems to be no end to our football fever. We have started another season of the beautiful game and we have a fresh copy of FIFA 18 to complement it. So what can you expect from EA Sports this year? […]

Celebrities Who Voiced Video Game Characters

It’s hard to tell who is the voice behind some of the most popular video game characters of the day. At times, without a face, we fail to recognise who is who behind what character. Delving deep into the world of video game characters, we discovered that quite a few famous faces voice some of our […]

FIFA 18: How To Earn FUT 2018 Coins And Master The Mode

FIFA 18 is here and if you are playing it you would know that the FUT (FIFA Ultimate Team) mode is one of the best in the series this year. With the mode being so detailed, it could be hard to master. That is why we are here to help. We have put together a […]

Call of Duty WW2 PC Beta: The 4 Best Things

After playing COD WW2 on console last month during the beta phase, we could not wait to jump into the PC build that went live this past week. The Call of Duty WW2 PC beta was just as polished as the console version but with a little added extras here and there. Here are some […]

October 2017 Games To Look Forward To

October is one of the busiest months in gaming and this month there is something for everyone. From Mario’s most anticipated adventure to the return of the Assassin’s Creed series set all the way back in Egypt. Lord of the Rings fans can look forward to Shadow of War, and horror fans can prepare themselves […]

Increasing Dominance Of Mobile Gaming

Most people own a smartphone, a tablet, or both these days and they use them for a variety of reasons. Mobile gaming is one of the most common uses as both the hardware and content has dramatically improved since the early days of smart devices. People love gaming, be it on console or PC but […]

5 Game Consoles That Flopped In The Past

With Nintendo recently releasing the Nintendo Switch – its first game consoles in a few years – we took a look back at some other games consoles that have not faired so well. RELATED: Xbox One X v PS4 Pro: What Is The Difference? Not all of the game consoles can be the PS4 or the […]
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