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What The iPhone X Means For Mobile Games

Apple has unveiled a new smartphone called the iPhone X, along with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Its 5.8-inch edge-to-edge display will usher in a new generation of iPhones thanks to its superb OLED backlight and its True Tone HDR features. This is the first iPhone created by Apple that pushes the boundaries […]

5 Classic Mobile Games That Paved The Way

Mobile gaming has come a long way. Today, you’re able to play sophisticated mobile games like Pokémon GO and many more on high processing devices like the iPhone 7. With the Nokia 3310 making a comeback, we decided to remember 5 classic mobile games that paved the future of mobile gaming. RELATED: Mobile Solar Power Plant Charges […]

How To Clean A PS4 Fan

All sorts of stuff gets all up in PS4 fans which causes them to really get loud and damages the inside. As much as we try to keep our gaming area clean, dust still goes inside the PS4 fan and makes a mess. RELATED: How To: Download PS4 Games To Your PC Luckily you can […]

History Of The Video Game Controller

If you love video games then you’ve at one point held a video game controller in your hands. But have you ever wonder how far that very video game controller has come? YouTube channel, Super Deluxe, has put together a fun video setting out a brief history of the video game controller. RELATED: PlayStation VR Review The […]

September 2017 Games To Look Forward To

September is a big month for many gamers out there as Destiny 2 is finally out on console, FIFA 18 is back and bigger than ever, and of course we have Cuphead, the much-anticipated Steamboat Willie-inspired platformer that has all the personality and charm you would expect from a game set in the 1930s. Take […]

Video Game Pets We Wish Were Real

When you think of video game pets then the adorable Dogmeat from the Fallout franchise immediately comes to mind. But there are other video game pets that we have bonded with. These are some of our favourites. RELATED: THE WORST VIDEO GAME MOVIES D0g (Half-Life 2) This robotic creature is Alyx Vance’s pet in Valve’s Half-life […]

The Worst Video Game Movies

Between 2003 and 2007, video game movies were not very good for video game fans who wanted to see their favourite series on the big screen. RELATED: Famous Robots From Movies And TV These are some of the worst video game movies we’ve had to endure. Hitman – 2007 Rotten Tomatoes – 14% IMDB – 6.3/10 […]

Life Lessons Learned From Playing Video Games

Some might believe that playing video games is bad for you or a waste of time. We think that video games have the potential to teach you an array of different skills and you could learn valuable life lessons from playing video games. RELATED: Future Gaming Tech To Look Forward To These are some of the […]

Future Gaming Tech To Look Forward To

We can all dream about our perfect gaming setup. A motorized chair, a three-screen display that curves around us, and a perfect gaming mouse and keyboard combination. While that sounds cool, there are other future gaming tech we want that we think will change the way we play. RELATED: Retro Gaming Hardware 90s Kids Will Remember […]

5 Video Game Movies That Should Happen

Not all video game movies are that terrific, so we thought we’d put together a list of video game movies we hope will happen in the future and actually be worth watching. RELATED: 10 Of The Best Video Game Trailers Ever Created Overwatch Although we have already seen Overwatch’s characters in action in a few short […]
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