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How Much Original Pokémon Cards Are Worth Today

2016 was the year of the Pokémon thanks to the massive success of Nintendo’s latest mobile game, Pokémon Go. But Pokémon are hardly the new kids on the block, as us millennials have been collecting original Pokémon cards since the 90s. RELATED: PLAY POKÉMON GO, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU If you’re a dedicated fan of the […]

5 Video Game Movies That Should Happen

Not all video game movies are that terrific, so we thought we’d put together a list of video game movies we hope will happen in the future and actually be worth watching. RELATED: 10 Of The Best Video Game Trailers Ever Created Overwatch Although we have already seen Overwatch’s characters in action in a few short […]

Being A Gamer Can Make You A Good Person

There are some terrible stereotypes surrounding gamers and the games they love to jam. Some people believe that being a gamer is bad for your physical and mental health, while others believe that games can teach you important life lessons. RELATED: Five of The Most Kick-Ass Female Gaming Characters Here are some of the reasons why […]

The Best Couch Co-Op Games To Play In 2018

Game companies know how important it is to deliver games that cater to those friends and even lovers who enjoy spending time on the couch playing games on the same TV. With that being said, here are the best couch co-op games to play in 2018. RELATED: The Real Reason Microsoft Created Solitaire Overcooked – PC, […]

15 Most Anticipated E3 2018 Games

E3 is just about a month away and we know you, like us, can’t wait to see what new E3 2018 games will be revealed. RELATED: Video Game Pets We Wish Were Real These are the 15 E3 2018 games we can’t wait to see at the show. Borderlands 3 It has been over five years […]

Video Game Pets We Wish Were Real

When you think of video game pets then the adorable Dogmeat from the Fallout franchise immediately comes to mind. But there are other video game pets that we have bonded with. These are some of our favourites. RELATED: THE WORST VIDEO GAME MOVIES D0g (Half-Life 2) This robotic creature is Alyx Vance’s pet in Valve’s Half-life […]

The Worst Video Game Movie Director Ever Born

Bad directors make movies that don’t absorb you at all. Movies that are boring, that have entire segments that leave you reading the news or playing at Canadian casinos online instead of watching them and still not miss a thing. But there are just a few directors that can transform scripts into movies so bad […]

Awesome May 2018 Games To Look Forward To

May is quite a big month for gaming. Sony has a new first-party PS4 exclusive coming our way and so does Microsoft. If you are a Switch owner then you can look forward to Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition too. May truly has a great selection of games for every gamer no matter what the platform […]

God of War Review

God of War is well known as one of the best franchises in the gaming world and one of Sony’s flagship exclusives. This makes it a difficult task to release an updated version of this classic game to please die-hard fans, casual new comers and critics alike. Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Santa Monica studio smashed these […]

How To Play Classic Video Games On Your Web Browser

You don’t need to have a console to play classic video games these days as technology has advanced so far that you can simply emulate classic video games from your web browser. RELATED: Life Lessons Learned From Playing Video Games Crash Bandicoot, Pokemon, even some Mario Bros. You can find anything online today and if your […]
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