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Q: “Will Webmail continue to offer email service after being acquired by Fjordmail International”?
A: “Yes, the email service will be continued. You can still contact our local support team through the same channels as usual, and we will continue to offer the Webmail email service in the future."

Server Migration 2022

Q: Some or all of my email, address books, stored files have dissapeared?
A: A recent server migration was vital to happen in such a fast pace and short notice period that unfortunately not all data was able to completely move prior to the decommission of the previous servers.

Q: Can't find any matching records for email?
A: Any email that has not been accessed in the last 9 months has been terminated. You are welcome to recreate the mailbox.

What Is Webmail?

Webmail is South Africa's premier email service. has recently reached 900 000 registrations, over 40 million monthly page impressions and ranks as one of the highest local traffic sites in SA. Webmail focuses on offering users internet services around a brand that is local, independent and committed to serving its users. Webmail has grown exclusively from word of mouth and enjoys great support from South Africa with 35 000 new email registrations per month.

Do I need an Internet Connection to use

Yes, is a site on the World Wide Web. You must have internet access to use

Does Webmail sell its membership list?

Absolutely not! Webmail keeps all individual member information, including the e-mail addresses of its members, private. Please refer to our disclaimer for more information. If someone does wish to send an offer to you, we check that it matches your interests and planned purchases profile, and also make sure that they are offering you a really special deal, preferably exclusive to Webmail.

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