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Who is Webmail?

Webmail is owned by the Norwegian email service provider Fjordmail International. For advertisement, we collaborate with East of Eden in South Africa , a focused online media company offering digital design and development. The business has grown from strength to strength for more than a decade and employs in the region of 250+ people.

We strive to create interactive online and related digital marketing products that provide exposure for clients through leadership brands and advertising opportunities.

Why advertise with Webmail?

As the busiest sites in South Africa, we are one of the only website that can target South African users in their own home language and in a personalized, targeted fashion.

We offer a creative, design and development service in house with some fantastic Intellectual capital which has been at the forefront of technology and allowed us to develop our own platforms and architecture to maximise the efforts internally, this is on offer at competitive rates to outside companies.

There is also a specially developed ad serving system with various features specific for each company. These include targeting by categories, gender, area, lifestyle (over 80 fields) as well as load management and balancing for the targeting requirements and database management of aspects related to this.

  • Accommodates both Branding and Targeted marketing in the form of mailers and ad types.
  • Guaranteed Exposure
  • Assisting in lead and database generation through call to action campaigns.
  • Approximately 40 000 new registrations per month
  • With approximate 700 000 active users a month, it is time to "fish where the fish are!"
  • Cost effective
  • Over 45 million successful page impressions per month
  • All advertising is fully measurable
  • Average of 11 minutes spent in their inbox per user session and over 40 min a month in their mailbox.

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