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Maimane: DA has best land reform record

Maimane: DA has best land reform record

Leader of the Opposition, Mmusi Maimane, said no political party had done more for land reform than the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Maimane said the DA had the perfect blueprint on how land reform should be carried out, adding that it was as committed as any party to undoing the legacy of forced land dispossession in South Africa.

"The most significant feature of this legacy, among many, is that it prevented black families from building intergenerational wealth by bequeathing property, which is the biggest asset most people will ever own," said Maimane during a press briefing at Constitution Hill on Monday.

"More than just supporting these reform and restitution efforts, we can proudly lay claim to having the best track record of any party in South Africa in actually giving effect to this commitment where we govern.

"We have a proactive, positive land reform agenda which seeks to make individuals real property owners. We envision a South Africa in which every person can own property, and that the circumstances of their birth is no impediment to them acquiring and accumulating wealth creating assets," added Maimane.

The Leader of the DA focused on what he felt was the progress the party had made in the Western Cape.

"Where we are in government, we focus obsessively on title deed reform - which makes real home owners of those recipients of state subsidised housing who have until now not had actual ownership of the homes they live in.

"Land reform projects under DA governments have a success rate six times higher than nationally, according to the national Department of Land Reform's own information.

"Any suggestion that our firm opposition to expropriation without compensation is equivalent to opposing land reform is simply nonsense," added Maimane.

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