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Ramaphosa launches charm offensive in KZN

Ramaphosa launches charm offensive in KZN

The African National Congress (ANC) believes a crisis has been averted in KwaZulu-Natal, following a meeting between President Cyril Ramaphosa and King Goodwill Zwelithini this weekend.

Central to the storm are reports that the province's Ingonyama Trust land was a target for expropriation without compensation.

In an attempt to mobilise his subjects, King Goodwill hosted a Land Imbizo in that province earlier this week, where he signalled his intent to either breakaway from South Africa or mobilise against the ANC, at the very least.

The governing part was quick to try and put the resultant fires from that Imbizo, which included assurances being given that Ingonyama Trust land would not be touched if and when expropriation without compensation becomes a reality.

It wasn't enough to just say it though, President Ramaphosa had to meet with King Goodwill face-to-face.

The land question is set to be interrogated in that province in coming days and weeks, after public participation processes were completed in other parts of the country.

"President Ramaphosa who interacts with the Zulu King on matters of public interest from time to time assured Ingonyama that the ongoing efforts to expropriate land without compensation has never been intended or targeted at communal land which is mainly held under the custodianship of the Traditional Leaders for and in the interest of the people," said national spokesperson Pule Mabe this weekend.

"Communal land constitutes only about 13 percent of land. Land being targeted for expropriation is the remaining 87 percent and all expropriation undertakings will be lawful and just in accordance with the expressions and desires of the people of South Africa," added Mabe.

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