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Innovative tech meets whimsical haute couture in Huawei’s new smartphone

Innovative tech meets whimsical haute couture in Huawei’s new smartphone

SPONSORED | Pre-orders now available in SA for the foldable Huawei P50 Pocket Premium Edition with high-quality display and efficient battery power

Enter now for the 2022 Radio Awards

SPONSORED | With 29 categories, entries for Arena Events’ Radio Awards celebrating industry excellence close on May 31

FREE TO READ | World Sleep Day 2022

A general lack of quality rest, which contributes to a host of disorders in people all around the world, is highlighted by annual day

Here’s how to have a financially empowered year ahead

SPONSORED | Metropolitan’s web series campaign, ‘We Start Stronger’, says financial stability can be acquired with good habits and the right information

Approach debt with the right attitude and regain financial health

SPONSORED | Old Mutual Finance offers financial education and debt consolidation to help customers get back on track

Five useful tips on journey to self-forgiveness

The road to self-forgiveness requires intention and a deeper dive into the most vulnerable and intimate parts of ourselves.

Self-forgiveness is important and worthwhile pursuit

Forgiveness is an essential part of healing and affects the state of our overall wellness.

Huawei’s new MatePad is an immersive audiovisual experience

SPONSORED | With a simple and practical design for the whole family to use, the Huawei MatePad T 10s has launched in SA

Curbing excessive digital consumption

South Africans are glued to their screens – literally, accounting for the highest time spent on the internet globally with an average of 11 minutes daily.

Is nicotine the primary cause of smoking related disease?

SPONSORED | Heated tobacco products and e-cigarettes are less invasive and a step towards a smoke-free future, says Phillip Morris SA

Five ways to intentionally tap into your joy

Taking charge of your own happiness requires intentionality and the will to consistently pour into your own cup.

Taking charge of our happiness a worthy pursuit

According to the World Happiness Report 2021, which is a landmark survey of the state of global happiness, SA was ranked the sixth-happiest country in Africa.

Get more bang for your buck by buying your next car on auction

Buying a car is exciting — it changes every future journey and makes a statement about who you are. That said, the process of doing so can be stressful as you’re parting with a lot of money, and you want to be sure you won’t be taken for a ride. At Bidvest Burchmore’s, you don’t need to worry about any of that.

Arming yourself with basic finance education can change your life

Empowering yourself financially is crucial for the improvement of your personal finances, as well as the achievement of both your short and long-term goals.

How to protect yourself from being swindled via online dating

Since Netflix premiered its hit documentary Tinder Swindler there has been huge debate and interest around the risks of dating in the modern world.

More success, less stress: Five tips for making insurance claims

SPONSORED | Here's what you need to know for a quick and pain-free claims experience, says Metropolitan

Tips for singles and those overwhelmed by V-Day

It is very important to not let the lovers day leave you feeling down and desperate. Here’s a brief guide on how to take care of yourself until all this "love lives here" stuff blows over.

What is 'harm reduction' — and could it work for tobacco?

SPONSORED | By switching to smoke-free products you can reduce the harmful negative impact of your habit on yourself, others and even the environment, says UnSmoke SA

Overcome the digital divide with Boston education

SPONSORED | The Cambridge curriculum from Boston Online Home Education will prepare students for the digital future

Have a shared money vision with your partner

The adage “Love is blind” implies that the person who is in love can see no faults or imperfections in the person they love. In many instances this leads them blindly into financial ruin.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G is robust, secure and packed with epic features

SPONSORED | The new 5G-enabled fan edition ensures your data is secure with Samsung Knox, while the display is protected by the toughest glass ever used on a Galaxy device

Fabulous recipes with stone fruit

If you’re looking for some fun ways to work with peaches, plums and nectarines, look no further because TV chefs Justine Drake and Jenny Morris have created fabulous recipes with stone fruit, to help you enjoy them in a different way.

Meat Meet crowned Mzansi's champion shisa nyama as mom's legacy continues

A Soweto shisa nyama business has been named the 2021 Mzansi’s Best Shisa Nyama.

Different candles colours and their meaning

Gogo Nomi sheds some light on what the different colours of the candles represents.

Candles carry powerful and profound spiritual significance

Candles are generally known for their relaxing and healing properties, as well as their ability to enhance and adorn any romantic mood. However, lighting a candle is also a sacred act which bears much spiritual significance in the lives of many believers.

These were SA’s best selling SUVs in January

Buyers continue to flock to SUVs and crossovers, which outsold hatchbacks in SA for the first time last year

Cape Town contestants lead the pack in new MasterChef SA series

The names of the 20 contestants have been released and reflect a diverse mixture of amateur cooks from around the country

Pop the bubbly and plan a romantic dinner for two

Valentine's is coming and whether you have a romantic partner to spend it with or not, we have some suggestions for you.

How ‘Mina. For Men. For Health’ is empowering men to turn the tide on HIV/Aids in SA

SPONSORED | This campaign ‘wants to save lives and it wants those lives to be lived well’
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