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Dads tired of criticism

Dads tired of criticism

Discipline method a big put-down

5 make-up tips to get your skin poppin' in the dead of winter

Beauty editor Nokubonga Thusi shares the secrets to flawless, radiant skin

Did you know? Smoking could make you blind

Why quitting could be a farsighted decision.

New study shows that we're eating 'tens of thousands' of plastic pieces every year

Humans eat and breathe in tens of thousands of microplastic particles every year, according to a new analysis

Photographer Reatile Moalusi shines light on skin condition vitiligo

Although he has photographed people living with the skin condition for close to a decade, the lensman feels there is still more to be done

If you think the Comrades Marathon is tough, try these 5 bizarre races you might not know about!

With the annual Comrades Marathon done, here are five other races that are tough and downright crazy.

7 things you didn't know about: cognac

Cognac – what do you know about it? Here are seven things to help clear up a few things about this French spirit.

Xibelani comes alive by charcoal art

Hlungwani evokes rural setting for his art genius

Low Uber score could leave you without a ride

Uber recently announced that the ride sharing service will ban users with a "below average rating" from using the app.

How you can reach the big O

Many adults, mostly women, have stories about themselves or other women they know who have never experienced an orgasm or have lost their mojo.

Evolution of cognac adds fresh dash to hip lifestyle

It's World Cognac Day and we spoke to Karim Lateef who shared his insights on the "water of life".

The beef with eating red meat: is it really bad for you?

We get to the bones of the debate over whether eating meat may negatively affect your health

Taste for fine wine leads to new brand

Winemaker Mosia aims to create a family legacy

Bhala uses the lens to bring his audiences back to reality

A white bicycle and a red bag, these two things have become the signature of documentary photographer Andile Bhala.

#WorldNoTobaccoDay: The effects of smoking on your life-insurance cover

The health implications aside, users of cannabis and vapes could pay more on their premiums.

Aubrey Poo slams decision to merge arts and culture and sport and recreation

The decision to combine the ministries of sport and recreation and arts and culture has been met with anger and disappointment from some in the entertainment industry, including veteran actor Aubrey Poo.

Stressed pregnant moms may mean lower sperm counts: study

Men whose mothers suffered stressful events such as divorce or job loss in early pregnancy are more likely to have fewer and less active sperm, researchers said Thursday.

'Burn-out' is an 'occupational phenomenon' not disease: WHO

The World Health Organisation said on Tuesday that "burn-out" remains an "occupational phenomenon" that could lead someone to seek care but it is not considered a medical condition.

Bonnie Mbuli shares her beauty tips

Bonnie Mbuli talks us through her top beauty tips

Sowing seed for black languages

The self-published author has sold 300 of the 600 books that were printed

Your milk bottle, shampoo bottle or even a child's toy could make you sick

You can’t see, smell, or taste them, but chances are phthalates – a common additive used in the manufacturing of everyday plastic items – may be in your in your kitchen cupboard, fridge, window seal or cosmetic cabinet.

Could using old medication kill you?

Winter has arrived with its colds and flu. If you're thinking of using meds that have been in the cabinet for months, don't do it.

#AfricaDay: Our round up of food, music & what to watch to help you celebrate

We have curated a little fun way to celebrate Africa Day right in your home.

Artists 'Counting' on a collaboration

SA, Zambian talent team up

Feeling down after your 'big day'? You are not alone as many suffer post-wedding blues

Study reveals that suffering from depression after your wedding day is more common than you think

IN PICTURES | This book costs a whooping R3.7mil!

The luxury car company is celebrating its 100th anniversary in very rich style with the release of a limited edition book that costs R3.7 million
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