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AKA and Bonang loving Thailand

AKA and Bonang loving Thailand

South Africa's sweethearts, AKA and Bonang Matheba have shared snaps of their latest holiday destination.

The pair seem to be living it up in Thailand, following suit of many SA travelers.

Thailand has proven to be a popular destination of late.

AKA tweeted; "Thailand AND Hong Kong_would you like the shit you're about to eat ..... grilled .... or fried? .... "

Last week AKA said that he would never feel humiliated for flying business class again, tweeting; "Told myself in 2016 I would never be subjected to the humiliation of flying business class again. "

He even posted a video of what looks like a cheeky little brag-dance, while having a drink in a gorgeous pool.

[We are a little bit jelly!]

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