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SA should be ashamed by education standards

SA should be ashamed by education standards

Shadow Minister for Higher Education Belinda Bozzoli said the South African government should be ashamed by the shocking quality of its TVET colleges, which are meant to provide for matriculants who did not acquire a Bachelor pass during the National Senior Certificate Examinations.

"The poor quality of TVET colleges should be a cause of great shame for our country, especially when 9-million people are unemployed and our economy is desperate for the skills needed to boost growth and job creation," said Bozzoli this week.

The Shadow Minister said the need to drastically improve the quality of higher education in South Africa had never been greater, adding that access to tertiary education was one thing, but also explained that there desperately needed to be greater capacity to deal with tertiary demands.

"When the Minister of Higher Education and Training, Blade Nzimande, addresses the start of the 2017 Academic year, we should not accept a regurgitation of the number of places in our higher education system," said Bozzoli.

"We know the figures already. We need a clear and concise plan to ensure both access and quality for students.

"Because the life of every person, no matter the circumstances of their birth, matters. And as a country that should be striving every day to reverse the legacy of Apartheid, we should demand the very best for every single student in South Africa," added the Shadow Minister.

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