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Pep: I didn't guarantee silverware

Pep: I didn't guarantee silverware

Pep Guardiola has come out in defence of what has been a comparatively underwhelming first season at Manchester City.

Manchester City supporters would be forgiven for having exceptionally high expectations for Guardiola's first season in charge at the Etihad. The Spainiard has a knack for achieving the remarkable at his first season in charge at a new club, having won the treble at Barcelona in 2008/09 and the domestic double at Bayen Munich in 2013/14.

His maiden season in charge at City has been less spectacular. The 13 points separating him from Antonio Conte's Chelsea mean that a Permier League title is unlikely.

This, combined with the club's surprising Champions League exit at the last-16 stage, after losing to AS Monaco on Thursday, means that the 46-year old will be experiencing no small amount of pressure heading into the final third of the season.

"I never said I am going to win the treble, I never said I was going to win the double. I never said it. I never said it on my first day in Barcelona," he said in an interview with Sky Sports.

"I promise a lot of work. Few guys can beat me in that, I work a lot. I am so proud of that.

"I never promise titles," he continued. "Never in my life, even when I went to Bayern Munich after they won the treble with Jupp Heynckes. Never. Just work."

"Football managers around the world don't all win titles during the season. That is the normal situation, my career is the exception.

"Of course we want to win titles, everyone wants to win titles, we play for that and we fight for that.

"When I arrived here I said I wanted to play good, win games and win titles, as much as possible, definitely - but I think all colleagues in the Premier League and around the world at big clubs think the same.

"I am here with big expectations because I won a lot in Barcelona and Bayern Munich but sometimes you don't win," the former Barcelona midfielder added.

"I will try to learn from that and speak to the people close to me about how we can improve and make the team better next season."

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