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Apple's outlook dims as suppliers worldwide sound the alarm

The bad news keeps piling up for Apple ahead of the crucial holiday season.

Facebook says any return to China would preserve free expression

Facebook says if it ever returns to China, the company will do it in a way that preserves rights to free expression and privacy - issues that make such a move almost impossible today.

Tencent traders who got it right prep for wildest day since 2015

For clues on what Tencent's shares will do on Thursday, look to the traders who got it spot-on in August.

Apple suppliers tumble on new signs of weak iPhone demand

Major suppliers to Apple's iPhone have fallen as investors fretted that one of the most important product lines in the technology sector was seeing weak demand.

The Foschini Group to take on Amazon with bold new e-commerce plan

The Foschini Group has unveiled plans to reposition its e-commerce platform into a diverse marketplace, covering everything from food to pets, decor and even drones.

Google curbs forced arbitration after protest on harassment

Google has changed some policies on sexual misconduct after thousands of employees walked out of their offices to protest big payouts for executives accused of harassment and other misbehaviour.

E-cigarettes said to face new sales limits from FDA

E-cigarettes will face strict new limits imposed by the US Food and Drug Administration, restricting sales of many popular fruit flavours amid what the health agency has called an epidemic of youth use.

TNA liquidation won't stop our chase, SIU tells Parliament

SIU head Advocate Andy Mothibi told Scopa that SABC brought an application to have a contract with The New Age set aside and that the investigating unit would join that application.

MTN's $10bn feud in Nigeria could place SA at risk - Reserve Bank

MTN Group's fights with Nigerian authorities over $10bn in repatriated funds and back taxes could increase risk in South Africa's financial system, depending on the outcome, the Reserve Bank has said.

Facebook, Google are US election ad winners despite meddling outcry

Even before ballots are counted from Tuesday's elections, some clear winners have emerged, as Google and Facebook reap windfalls from political advertising.

Ex-Vodacom manager Romeo Kumalo to plan tech investment firm IPO, say insiders

Former Vodacom executive Romeo Kumalo has started a tech-focused South African investment firm and aims to raise as much as $200m in an initial public offering next year.

Jack Ma labels trade war 'most stupid thing' as tensions boil

Billionaire Alibaba co-founder Jack Ma has called fighting over trade senseless and decried once again a widening conflict between the US and China.

Tencent to check all gamers' IDs by 2019 in unprecedented move

Tencent will expand its age-verification system to encompass its entire games line-up, an unprecedented undertaking in response to growing criticism.

Apple's $1trn value at risk after earnings stumble

Apple's disappointing earnings report has put the iPhone maker's $1trn market value at risk.

Google CEO Pichai says he's still the boss amid employee revolts

Mass employee walkouts. Leaks about an effort to get back into China. Successful demands to stop building artificial intelligence for the Pentagon. These days, Google workers are exerting an unusual level of control over their company.

WATCH: Apple introduces a new iPad Pro

Apple's latest flagship tablet features speed and performance boosts across the board.

Sony stock surge gives new CEO the hottest start in 23 years

Ken Yoshida is off to the hottest start of any Sony chief executive officer in at least two decades, after strong earnings that sent shares soaring.

WATCH: Sony's adorable new Aibo comes to the US

Packed with charm, AI and cloud technology, Sony's rebooted robot dog doesn't come cheap.

WATCH: Boston Dynamics's robot more agile than ever

Atlas, the humanoid robot can now do Parkour movements, a training discipline using movement developed from military obstacle course training.
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