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5 Tips To Help You Save Mobile Data

South Africans know all too well about how expensive mobile data can be. There is even a movement called #DataMustFall which highlights how the high costs of mobile data can become a massive barrier for consumers to enjoy their devices and everything the internet has to offer. RELATED: Fastest Mobile Connections In The World If you’re […]

6 Of The Most Famous Movie Phones

Movie phones are used to introduce interesting conversations in films. Some movie phones have caught our attention for being cool, high-tech or innovative. Other movie phones are remembered for how ridiculous they are. RELATED: 5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time These are the most popular movie phones from our favourite films. The Matrix This […]

5 Online Safety Tricks To Follow If You Have Kids

Having kids in the technology age means they have access to a very big world and their online safety should be one of your main concerns as modern parents. RELATED: 5 Child Travel Safety Tips Although it would be impossible to avoid having your kids go online, there are some online safety tricks you could use […]

E-Waste Is Dangerously On The Rise

According to a UN-backed study, e-waste rose to a record high of 45 tonnes worldwide in 2016. RELATED: 10 Movie Cars We Wish We Could Drive IRL E-waste is defined as anything with a plug or battery and has risen by 8% in 2016 from 41 tonnes in 2014. The issue with e-waste is that valuable […]

10 Movie Cars We Wish We Could Drive IRL

Movie cars can be seen driven in some of your favourite blockbusters. These movie cars have become synonymous with the movies they are sported in and fans drool over the possibility to drive them in real life. RELATED: Biggest Box Office Bombs Of All Time These are our favourite famous movie cars that send our hear […]

5 Of The Worst Gadgets Of Our Time

We love our devices. It’s one of the best parts about growing up – making your own money to buy your own high-tech toys. However, not all tech’s the same and some of the worst gadgets have seen people’s money literally go up in flames. RELATED: 4 Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Earphones Can Do […]

Stolen Phone: Survival Guide

There is nothing like reaching into your bag or pocket to realise your phone has been stolen. Not only does a stolen phone cause you a huge financial loss, it can also cause anxiety due to the loss of data and the fear that someone might use your data or personal information. Also, it can […]

Weird Gadgets That People Have Actually Bought

Some people spend ridiculous amounts of money on gadgets that they really want. And other times people some how get sucked into buying weird gadgets that somehow made it into the market. RELATED: 5 Luxury Gadgets You’re Probably Too Poor To Have Here are some of the weird gadgets that people spent their money on. Selfie […]

Marvellous Movie Gadgets We Wish Really Existed

Movie gadgets have that Hollywood magic about them. Movie gadgets are dramatic and dazzling and we have been dreaming about using these props in real life for a long time. RELATED: Our Top Five Favourite Fake Companies These are the movie gadgets we wish we could buy and use in real life. Hoverboard Many manufacturers have […]

5 Luxury Gadgets You’re Probably Too Poor To Have

Luxury gadgets make the lives of the rich even more glamorous than our mundane, normal people’s lives. RELATED: 5 Ugly Phones That Many Of Us Thought Were Fashionable These luxury gadgets might not be as essential as the gadgets we carry around with us all the time like our iPhones, Nintendo Switches, or AirPods, but they sure […]
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