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Santa Fe Shooting: NRA digs in its heels, protects Second Amendment

President of the NRA, Oliver North, is digging in his heels after ten people were killed in a Texas school shooting this week.

Four teenagers killed in violent crash, driver survives

Four Boston teenagers have been killed, after the car they were travelling in was ripped to pieces in a violent crash this weekend.

Gigi Hadid: Greed at the heart of Gaza problems

American model Gigi Hadid came under fire on social media this week, after she spoke out on the violence that has plagued the Gaza strip this year.

Chicago rookie teacher sleeps with her pupil three times

Chicago authorities say they are disgusted, after a 21-year-old rookie teacher was accused of sexually assaulting one of her pupils.

Kilauea Eruption: Man's leg shattered by lava spatter

The Hawaii Volcano Observatory said residents of the Big Island now faced a fresh threat, after the first front of lava flow entered the ocean on Sunday.

Violent Kilauea eruption sparks fresh fears

Residents of Hawaii's Big Island have been warned about ash fallout, after another explosive eruption on Mount Kilauea at midnight.

Harry and Meghan are husband and wife

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have become husband and wife, following a beautiful marriage ceremony at the St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle on Saturday.

Harry now the Duke of Sussex

Prince Harry is now the Duke of Sussex, while Meghan Markle will become the Duchess of Sussex when the two marry at the St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle.

Texas Governor says prayer alone isn't going to cut it anymore

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said prayer was not going to cut it, after 10 people were killed in the Santa Fe High School shooting on Friday.

10 killed in Santa Fe High School shooting

A 17-year-old boy has been arrested, following a shooting at Santa Fe High School on Friday, when ten people were killed.

More than 100 killed in Cuban plane crash

More than 100 people have died, after a Boeing 737 crashed shortly after take-off from the Havana airport on Friday.
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