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New setbacks in search for Spanish toddler

The search for a toddler who fell down a Spanish well nine days ago has hit a fresh setback, complicating a difficult rescue operation which has had the country on tenterhooks.

WATCH: Giant US ice disk equipped with webcam after surviving storm

Maine's giant spinning ice disk that quickly gained international fame survived the winter weather that pummeled New England and now has its own webcam.

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Trump vows no surrender on 32nd day of government shutdown

President Donald Trump has a message for Democrats counting on him to relent in the Washington arm wrestle blocking funds to swaths of the government for a record 32 days: "No Cave!"

Portuguese police intercept cocaine shipment to Spain

Portuguese police say they have discovered 430kg of cocaine concealed inside a banana shipment from Latin America.

'Dad, I'm so scared' Cardiff striker Sala's final audio message

Cardiff City's new signing Emiliano Sala expressed concern about his plane shortly before the light aircraft disappeared over the Channel.

Hong Kong failing to tackle wildlife smuggling epidemic - study

Hong Kong must do more to crack down on illegal wildlife smuggling by ending legal loopholes and lenient sentences, conservation groups said, as they detailed the city's role in the lucrative trade.

Russian heavy bomber crash-lands in Arctic, killing 2

The Russian military says that one of its long-range bombers crash-landed in the Arctic, killing two of its crew of four.

Trump's shutdown proposal faces uncertain fate in Senate

US President Donald Trump's proposal to reopen the government, sweetened with immigration provisions that are aimed at mollifying Democrats but that have alienated some conservatives, is headed for Senate action, its prospects uncertain.

Trump says students 'unfairly treated' over Native incident

Boys from a Catholic school in Kentucky were treated unfairly in a rush to judgment, President Donald Trump said on Monday after allegations the students had mocked a Native American elder.

WATCH: Artist makes sculptures for daughter from Ferrero Rocher wrappers

These amazing sculptures are made from Ferrero Rocher chocolate wrappers.

'Bikini climber' freezes to death after plunging 20m down mountain

A Taiwanese woman, known for climbing mountains wearing a bikini, was found frozen to death in a national park.

2 doctors for incapacitated US patient who gave birth leave facility

Two doctors who cared for an incapacitated woman who gave birth at a long term care centre in Phoenix as a result of a sexual assault are no longer providing medical services there.

Cambodia leader says China to give $600m in grant aid

Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, making a four-day visit to China, says Beijing has agreed to provide his nation with nearly $600m in grant aid as part of a three-year assistance fund.

China grants Ivanka Trump 5 trademarks amid trade talks

The Chinese government has granted Ivanka Trump's company preliminary approval for another five trademarks this month, as her father's administration pushes ahead on trade negotiations with China.

Mexico journalist murdered, as 2018 sets homicide record

A Mexican journalist was found murdered in the first such case of 2019, authorities said, as the country set a new homicide record for 2018 - signs of the ongoing toll of Mexico's drug war.

A history of armed attempts to dislodge Venezuela's Maduro

Monday's brief mutiny by Venezuelan soldiers was not the first time President Nicolas Maduro has faced a military challenge to his leadership.

World to miss 2020 climate 'turning point' - analysis

The world is on course to miss its "best chance" of preventing runaway climate change by ensuring global greenhouse gas emissions peak in 2020, researchers warn.

WATCH: Top World news videos for today

Here are the top World news videos for today. <strong>WATCH.</strong>.
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