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Australian commuters warned 'don't grope'!

To deal with sexual offending on public transport, images of alleged offenders will be released over the next two weeks in a bid to identify and charge them.

Weakened Typhoon Lan makes landfall, claims at least two lives

A rapidly weakening Typhoon Lan made landfall in Japan early on Monday, disrupting transport services and claiming the lives of at least two people.

Female suicide bombers kill 14 in Nigeria

Three female suicide bombers killed 14 people in the city of Maiduguri, Nigeria, on Sunday evening.

Kenya's DPP orders immediate arrest of Raila Odinga's sister

The Director of Public Prosecution has ordered that opposition leader Raila Odinga's sister, Ruth Odinga, be arrested immediately.

Man arrested after holding employees at a UK bowling alley hostage

A man has been arrested after holding two employees at a bowling alley in Central England hostage on Sunday.

Helicopter crash in Kenya claims five lives

Five people are believed to have been killed in a helicopter crash in Kenya.

Ex-guard at Nazi death camp charged with accessory to murder

An alleged former guard at a Nazi death camp in Poland has been charged with being an accessory to murder.

Malawi police crack down on 'vampire' mobs

Police in Malawi have cracked down on lynch mobs that have been targeting people they believe to be vampires, arresting more than 100 people.

BREAKING NEWS: Dozens killed in Afghan mosque suicide bomb attack

A suicide bomb attack at an Afghanistan mosque on Friday has killed dozens.

Vampire fear spreads to Mozambique, causing rioting

Riots have erupted in Mozambique as fears of vampirism spread across the border from neighbour Malawi.

Marburg fever outbreak claims one life in Uganda

An outbreak of Marburg fever in Uganda has killed one person so far, the Uganda Ministry of Health announced on Thursday.
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