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Bushfires ravage southeast Australia

Hundreds of residents have been forced to flee their homes as bushfires blaze through southeast Australia.

Nine officials arrested for helping drug smugglers secure illegal parole

Bheki Cele delivered his first swashing blow, since taking over as Minister of Police, when nine government officials were arrested and charged with corruption this week.

Turkish embassy in Denmark bombed

The Turkish embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark, has been attacked with petrol bombs, police have said.

Brand South Africa jets off to Australia, to clean up expropriation mess

Brand South Africa has embarked on an aggressive campaign to restore the country's relationship with Australia, following a very public spat between the Department of International Relations and Australian Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton.

Flight attendant plunges to death from parked plane

A flight attendant with Emirates Airlines reportedly fell to her death from a parked aeroplane on Wednesday.

UAE to get military toehold in Africa

The United Arab Emirates is soon to become the next to establish a military base along the Horn of Africa.

Pedestrian bridge collapses over busy highway, four dead

Four people have been killed and at least ten people injured after a pedestrian bridge collapsed over a busy highway in Florida, in the United States.

Space travel changes your DNA, NASA finds

In a ground-breaking research study, NASA has confirmed preliminary studies have shown that space travel has an impact on your DNA.

Friends no more: nerve agent attacks leads UK to expel Russian diplomats

On Wednesday, Prime Minister May announced that 23 Russian diplomats would be expelled in retaliation over a chemical attack carried out on British soil earlier in March.

US threatens action in Syria if UN fails to act

The United States has warned the United Nations Security Council that it will take action in Syria if the the body fails to do so.

Lawyer faces charges of enforcing female genital mutilation on his daughter

A lawyer from London is facing charges of forcing his eldest daughter to undergo female genital mutilation (FGM) as punishment on two occasions.
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