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Ethiopia landfill collapse death toll at 72

Ethiopia landfill collapse death toll at 72

The death toll in the landfill collapse outside the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa, has risen to 72, state broadcaster EBC reported on Tuesday.

The majority of the victims were women and children living in makeshift mud-and-stick homes inside the Koshe landfill. 

It is unclear what caused the collapse of the mountain of garbage on Saturday. 

The landfill had served as the capital's garbage dumping ground for 50 years, with residents reporting smaller collapses having occurred over the last two years, killing two or three people. 

Officials confirmed that the landfill received nearly 300 000 tonnes of waste each year from the capital. 

Solomon Bussa, chief of clinical services at Alert hospital, confirmed that more than 50 injured in the collapse were treated at the hospital. 

The government has declared three days of national mourning for those who died in the collapse, starting on Wednesday. 

The first funerals of victims were held on Monday. 

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