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Karzai: Afghan bombing an act of treason

Karzai: Afghan bombing an act of treason

Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai said the decision to allow the United States to drop a bomb in that country amounted to an act of treason from the current Afghan government.

The United States made major headlines this week, when it dropped the largest conventional bomb ever on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan. United States President Donald Trump said he was satisfied with the choices made during that operation, adding that the outcome was also good.

Some in the public domain have called this action a departure from Trump's United States first policy, criticizing the decision to drop such a significant bomb in another country. However, the greatest criticism has been levelled at the Afghan government for the role that it played in the operation.

It has been reported that the bomb killed about 100 suspected Isil militants. There is no official headcount though. 

"How could you permit Americans to bomb your country with a device equal to an atom bomb?" Karzai asked the Afghan public on Saturday.

"If the government has permitted them to do this, that was wrong and it has committed a national treason," added Karzai.

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