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Swazi king wants to ban divorce

Swazi king wants to ban divorce

The Swazi king believes that divorce is against the Swazi culture, and has directed religious leaders to convey this to citizens.

According to an eNCA report, King Mswati III delivered this instruction to religious leaders at the weekend. 

Should the king formally table the motion, it is likely to become law. 

Civil rights organization Swaziland Solidarity Network says that should the king's directive become law, it would mainly affect women, who it says already suffer under oppression. 

"It is not necessarily a decree. However, given the vast powers that the king has it may sound as it is. Remember that he’s also a chairperson of the judiciary commission. I’m just imagining women going there to demand a divorce given that the judge himself will be worried about his job after they had to contradict their boss; in this case the king," Swaziland Solidarity Network's Lucky Lukhele said. 

The king's directive comes in the wake of a bill being drafted by the Swazi Attorney-General, which would make it easier to divorce, especially for women. 

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