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Zuma supports Sahrawi Republic independence

Zuma supports Sahrawi Republic independence

President Jacob Zuma has shown his support for the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic's (SADR) (also known as Western Sahara) bid for independence by meeting with the president, Brahim Ghali, in Pretoria on Friday.

The SADR was a former Spanish colony, until Morocco annexed it in 1975. Morocco left the African Union (AU) when they allowed the SADR to become a member, which was more than 30 years ago. Morocco has recently attempted to regain its spot on the AU.

However, Morocco continues to  refuse to grant the area independence, maintaining that it is an important part of the kingdom. And this is despite the United Nations resolution to hold a referendum on independence for the territory.

President Zuma said on Friday that it was "unfathomable that Western Sahara... still remains colonized."

He voiced his support for the independence bid, assuring President Ghali that South Africa remained "committed to continue to walk with the people of Western Sahara until you are free to live in your own land and able to determine your own future."

President Ghali is the leader of SADR's Polisario Front independence movement and was elected in July last year.

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